Adam Stern #2

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Today’s guest is none other than Mr Adam Stern, the very first returning guest to The Freedive Café. It was around 9 months ago I first interviewed Adam and if you would like to learn more about him and his discovery of freediving and his views on training and competition and all that good stuff, go to Episode #9


In this episode we discuss:

Where was Adam and what was he doing?
How is Erin’s diving coming along?
What does Adam’s training look like a few weeks out from Vertical Blue?
Shoutout to Coach G.
Changes in Adam’s mental game.
What are Adam’s goals at VB?
The pros and cons of shooting for PBs during competition.
Why did Adam leave PADI behind for Molchanovs?
A walk-through of the Molchanovs system for beginners.
Has some inspiration come from Crossfit?
What are the problems with the current systems?
What does the new system offer for instructors?
What kind of online platform will the new system have?
Where can we take the first courses and where can instructors crossover?

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