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Donny is back in Taiwan until the end of 2022! If you would like to take a course with him visit Freedive & Thrive for more information or Freedive Taiwan.

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Welcome to The Freedive Café, a pure freediving podcast.

At The Freedive Café Donny sits down with freedivers great and small. He goes really deep with some of the deepest humans on Earth and discovers the personal stories, the inspirations, the techniques and training, the routines and passions of freedivers from all walks of life, from competitive athletes, instructors and trainers, underwater photographers, ocean conservationists and many more.

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#138 | Denis Grosmaire | Dancing With Sharks

#138 | Denis Grosmaire | Dancing With Sharks

Denis Grosmaire was raised in the pacific island nation of French Polynesia, travelling for island to island as a kid with his mom, growing up in the ocean from a very young age. However, he didn't dive deeper than 30m or...

#136 | Alex Llinas | Evolution

#136 | Alex Llinas | Evolution

Alex Llinas is from Colombia and holds several national records. He dived his first 100m during competition at this years AIDA World Championships in Roatan. His story of spending years in immigration limbo, battling...

#135 | Juani Valdivia | Freediving Medicine

#135 | Juani Valdivia | Freediving Medicine

Juani Valdivia, neurosurgeon and competitive freediver joins us again to discuss some important topics related to freediving medicine.Juani was first on the show on Episode #99 In this episode we discuss: Balancing life as...

#134 | Carlos Diezel | Dahab Freedivers

#134 | Carlos Diezel | Dahab Freedivers

Carlos Diezel is a freediving athlete from Brazil and manager of the world famous Dahab Freedivers school in Egypt.This interview can also be watched on Youtube at Freedive & Thrive! In this episode we discuss:  ...

#133 | Rami Bladlav | Static Warrior

#133 | Rami Bladlav | Static Warrior

Rami Bladlav is a top level athlete in Static Apnea competing for Sweden. He is nearing the 10 minute breath-hold mark.Today we talk about his journey from Iraq, to Mixed Martial Arts, to his passion for long...

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