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If you would like to advertise your freediving product, your freediving school or website on The Freedive Café, that’s possible!

Why advertise on The Freedive Café? The Freedive Café is the world’s only dedicated freediving podcast. While the freediving world is relatively small compared to that of other sports and activities, freediving is exploding across the world and the demand for information about it, products and education are booming.

Thousands of people listen to the podcast every month and sometimes hundreds of people visit the website every day, and it only continues to grow. The best thing about advertising your freediving product on the show is that 100% of our listeners are freediving fanatics! This makes The Freedive Café a unique opportunity for advertisers to connect with their prime target customers.

Spoken-word advertising is available on the podcast itself and visual advertising space is available on the website.

For more information contact domhnallus@googlemail.com


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