Donny Mac started The Freedive Café podcast in 2017. It was the world’s first dedicated freediving podcast and was created with the intent of sharing the journeys and wisdom of the world’s expert breath-hold divers.

In more than 100 long-form interviews with athletes, instructors, coaches, scientists, medical staff, underwater photographers and journalists, together we have elucidated the world of freediving, the world’s most unique sport.

Donny is based in beautiful, tropical Taiwan. He is the founder and owner of Freedive Taiwan, offering courses and training in freediving to Taiwanese and international students since 2018. You can listen to his own interview on the podcast in Episode #100 – Donny Mac.

If you would like to take a beginner’s course in Taiwan or continue your training with Donny, contact him HERE!

IG: freediveandthrive

FB: Donny Mac
Phone: (+886) 0909452409 (Taiwan)

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