#136 | Alex Llinas | Evolution

Alex Llinas is from Colombia and holds several national records. He dived his first 100m during competition at this years AIDA World Championships in Roatan.
His story of spending years in immigration limbo, battling cancer and losing his father before going on to become a top freediving athlete is truly inspirational.


Photo Credits for all: Camilo Diaz

In this episode we discuss:


Alex is from Colombia
About San Andres island, Colombia
Then to life in Medellin.
From Colombia to Charlotte, NC
A slightly complicated immigration issue…
Leaving then real job for a life of freediving.
Discovering he has lymphoma.
Dealing with the effects of cancer treatment.
A terrible infection that kicked his ass.
Great dives at the Freediving World Cup in Sharm.
What makes CNF so challenging, and what makes someone good at it?
What has been limiting Alex so far is his equalisation.
Switching from pain cave mentality to listening to your body.
Alex’s experience with lung squeezes.
The ‘culture of squeezing’ in freediving.
How structured is Alex’s coaching and how is coaching from Vitomir Maricic?
Shout out to Stefan Randig.
The evolution of freediving as a serious sport.
Alex was in the new Black Panther movie!
PATREON EXCLUSIVE | DESERT ISLAND QUESTIONS (www.patreon.com/freedivecafe)
Shout out to influential people.
Plans for the future.
Why does he freedive?

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