#134 | Carlos Diezel | Dahab Freedivers

Carlos Diezel is a freediving athlete from Brazil and manager of the world famous Dahab Freedivers school in Egypt.

This interview can also be watched on Youtube at Freedive & Thrive!

In this episode we discuss:


Carlos is from Pomerode, Brazil.
The underwater world of Brazil’s coast.
Discovering freediving at Julia Mouce’s Apnea Bali, via Mike Board‘s Freedive Gili!
Carlos is getting steadily deeper and loves depth
Carlos is currently coached by Julia Mouce.
The issue of diving for the numbers.
Carlos did his last comp with a broken ankle!
Discovering new layers of relaxation in Free Immersion.
What kinds of complementary training does Carlos do to support his diving?
Why and how could Carlos choose Dahab to live with his family?
Carlos was a mechanical engineer in his previous life.
Loving or hating Dahab, or both at the same time?
Shoutouts to Dahab Freedivers founders Miguel Lozano, Pascal Berger and Stephen Keenan.
What is the long term vision for Dahab Freedivers?
Carlos’ love of teaching.
Some great advice for instructors.
Shout out to important people.
How to find Carlos.
Why does he freedive? 

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