#114 - Tom Ardavany | Inside the Medical Team

Tom Ardavany first contributed to the Vertical Blue medical team in 2012 and has been part of the team many times since then. He has also been present as a medic at many other top-level freediving competitions including Blue Element in Dominica.

Tom is an expert in the field, and brilliantly educates us on everything from lung squeeze and athlete monitoring protocols as well as the unforeseen and strange situations that have taken him by surprise over the years.

In this episode we discuss:

Tom is based in the Seattle area.
What kind of freediving do they have up there?
How did Tom get started as a freediver’s medic?
Tom’s first time at Vertical Blue was a real eye opener.
Tom’s history in freediving competitions.
Shout out to Leigh and Bill Baker.
Shout out to Jani Valdivia.
The wide range of medical situations can occur during a competition.
A DCS experience and a popped lung through stretching.
What have been the most challenging experiences?
Has a diver’s nutrition ever been though of as a potential cause of problems?
Since the death of Nick Mevoli how has safety and medical in freediving competitions developed?
What screening procedures are there and what follow up procedures?
What is the protocol after a suspected lung barotrauma, official guidelines?
Hemoptysis is coughing up of blood.
What are the steps from deep blackout, to platform, and further…
A diver cannot be moved without a pulse and why.
We’ve come a long way in terms of freediving instruction and medical care.
Being part of a safety team is great experience to up one’s safety game.
Shout out to Gary McGrath.
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