#111 - Nathan Vinski | Train Freediving

Nathan Vinski is an up and coming Canadian competitive freediver and freediving coach.

Nathan’s specialist skill is ‘being a struggling freediver’ and knowing how to apply a sports science-based approach to freediving, helping to turn freediver struggles into strengths. If you want to know how to train and compete for depth, or pool, in cold or warm locations, Nathan is a guy that can help you out because he’s been through all the struggles and reached all the dead ends that we aspiring deep divers often encounter.

In this episode we discuss:

Making the most of the pandemic in Dahab.
Nathan spent his first three years freediving in Canada.
Nathan’s mom used to race dragon boat!
The breath-holding uncle.
Randomly discovering an instructor in his school!
Challenges of finding depth in Canada.
A trip to Utilla.
The effect of Stephen Keenan’s death on Nathan’s attitude towards Dahab at the time.
Shout out to Paul Sutton at Saltfree Divers.
Nathan is now based in Dahab.
The first few years of ‘sucking’ at freediving….
What was the turning point for Nathan in his approach to training?
Nathan was officially diving in the 90s a the time of recording.
The journey from 64 to 74 took two years, main issues being over-training and burnout.
Seven important training principles.
The importance of having reasonably achievable goals.
Not sticking to ‘the plan’ and diving for fun.
How to find Nathan and what coaching options he is offering.
DESERT ISLAND QUESTIONS Patreon Exclusive Section
Why does Nathan freedive?

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