#110 - Fatima Korok | Transformation

Fatima Korok is from Hungary. Fatima has been on a special journey through freediving, not just quickly rising to become the first Hungarian freediver to become a World Champion, but overcoming many personal challenges on the way.

In this episode we discuss:

Fatima was in Dahab at the time of recording.
How has her experience of the pandemic been?
Getting Dominican Republic and Dominica mixed up in big way!
Life in Dahab during ‘lockdown’
A trip to Croatia to visit Vitomir Maricic and attend a comp.
An interesting dive and first black out in Sharm El-Sheikh
A huge 86m CWTB (Constant Weight Bi-fins) dive!
Fatima is from Hungary, born in Budapest and grew up in a small village.
Synchronised swimming became a big part of her life from a young age.
Did synchronised swimming affect her current CO2 tolerance?
She did her first course in Utilla.
Fatima’s challenges with her weight.
A move to Tenerife for scuba diving.
Documentary on Audrey Mestre mentioned in the interview.
What diet worked for Fatima in the end and how does she approach food?
Dealing with addictions.
Discussing women’s Bi-fins records and Fatima’s ultimate potential.
What are her plans for the future?
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