#109 - Gary McGrath | Breakthrough

Gary McGrath is an English diver who recently surpassed the 100m mark in depth. He joins me from Dahab, Egypt, to discuss his freediving progression.

In this episode we discuss:

Donny first noticed Gary after he hit the 100m mark!
Gary used to work at Freedive Gili! (Donny’s ‘freediving spiritual home’)
Gary’s is from England, his mum is Thai.
Shout out to Saltfree Divers based at The National Diving and Activity Centre, a beautiful flooded quarry in Chepstow, near Bristol in the UK.
How did Gary progress over 15 years to 100m.
He mostly dived in the pool in the first few years.
Gary has an organic and relaxed approach to training.
What is tree surgery?? (Gary is an arborist).
High-lights of Gary’s freediving career so far, including getting selected for the British Team at the World Championships in 2012.
The joys of Ibiza.
Shout out to Per Jennische.
Working on the safety team for Blue Element.
About Gary’s sinus issues and how he overcame them (ultimately with a balloon sinuplasty operation)
Do Asians have different shaped sinuses!?
The reality of the benefits of the neti-pot.
The lead up to that first 100m dive.
Mike Board! Get a haircut you bum!
What is a typical week of training like for Gary in Dahab?
Is running and cycling detrimental to freediving?
Does the progress accumulated over time, stay?
The cumulative effect of over 15 years deep freediving and the importance of conservative progression.
Gary says he’s never had a murmer of a squeeze.
Shout out to David Mellor!
What is the most crucial advice he would give to anyone wishing to progress in freediving?
DESERT ISLAND QUESTIONS – Patreon Exclusive Section
Why does Gary freedive?

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