Thibault Guignes #2

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Thibault Guignes is from France.
He first appeared on the show on Episode 17.

He has been making immense progress over the last two years, from 105m to 120m
Join us as we discuss the development of his training methodology, an accident he had this year and the future of freediving with The Freediving World Series.

In this episode we discuss:

Thibault is back on the show after 2 years!
What happened to Freedive HQ in The Philippines?
Thibault is going to open a new center in PH.
Shout out to Freedive HQ.
Is Thibault satisfied with his progress since our last interview?
Highlights of the past two years?
Is a World Record on the books?
What are the major breakthroughs he has had?
What books and movies helped with the mental preparation?
Meeting with Martin Zajac. (Ep #71)
Ep #75 with Susana Lourenço for mental strategies for deep freedivers.
No Warm up dives.
Long hangs at depth and Thibault’s approach to progressing in depth.
Safety for these deep dives and long hangs.
Thibault uses the Smart Apnea from Mares.
All about Thibault’s accident this summer.
No squeezes since the last interview.
Wondering about Mike Board’s accident.
What is the Freediving World Series?
Why did he not attend the AIDA World Championships this year?
His new project in the Camotes Islands in The Philippines.
What organisations will they be teaching?
Thibault is joining Molchanovs.
About his online coaching services.
Thibault would like to thank a few people.
Thanks to a few sponsors.
Thibault recommends the documentaries, Free Solo and The Dawn Wall

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