Viktor Reshetniak

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Viktor Reshetniak is from Ukraine and Donny first met him in 2016 when he attended his first freediving course at Freedive Gili.

He is one of Ukraine’s deepest divers and is slowly working his way up the ranks with his sights set on major accomplishments in competition. He currently lives in Panglao, The Philippines where he dives and works with Freedive Panglao.

In this episode we discuss:

Viktor is from Ukraine.
His first exposure to freediving was through The Big Blue movie.
A spearfishing club in Kiev.
AIDA2 and 3 in Dahab.
Shout out to Viktor’s first instructor Natalie Avseenko.
Viktor is Donny’s first instructor!
How Viktor came to be at Freedive Gili.
Why did Viktor leave the Gilis and move to Panglao, Philippines?
Tips for instructors. Patience is the key.
The approach to 100m and the breakthough.
Viktor’s training situation now.
Viktor is working with Freedive Panglao now.
Viktor’s epic training log.
Thoughts about nutrition.
Viktor’s history with lung injuries, through issues with proper understanding of mouthfill.
Recommendations for someone who squeezes.
Most influential people for Viktor.
Will Viktor ever be able to join the No Fins Jedis?
Viktor’s recommended books are 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Alone in the Ocean by Slava Kurilov
Viktor’s plans for the future.
The path to Vertical Blue.
Why does he freedive?

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