Martin Zajac

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Martin Zajac, originally from Slovakia, is a trainer and coach of elite-level freedivers, he’s a freediving instructor and coach for national teams, he is no slouch in the water himself, diving around the 100m mark in CWT and FIM and over 200m in the pool.

He has an immense amount of experience in the coaching field informed by his solid understanding of exercise science from his formal education in university.

In this episode we discuss:

Martin is originally from Slovakia.
Starting a bit later in the freediving world but hitting 100m after only 2 years.
About martin’s career as a competitive athlete.
Apneaman buoys.
Discussing coaching and remembering athletes.
About Martin’s amazing upcoming daughter.
Periodising in preparation for competition.
Mountain biking over trail running.
Going back to basics before shooting for big numbers.
Being happy in life is key to good performances in apnea.
Mental training and autogenic training and visualisation.
Advice to instructors.
Applying freediving lessons to life in general.
Thoughts on food and nutrition and supplementation.
A question from Chris Breijnik about the best dive spots in Czech Republic.
Will Martin really get back into competitions again?
Interests outside of freediving.
Martin’s morning ritual.
Martin recommends the books of Eckhart Tolle.
Plans for the future.

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