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Akim Ladhari is a PADI freediving ambassador, Instructor Trainer, SSI Instructor Trainer, Raid Instructor Trainer and AIDA Master Instructor.

He has been active in the freediving world for over a decade and surpassed the 100m mark in CWT early in his career.

Akim has been on my radar for a while through those he has taught and influenced, including Jonathan Sunnex and we catch up with him in Bali where he is now based, teaching spearfishing courses and dedicating himself again to his training in preparation for a return to the top level.

In this episode we discuss:

Akim is in Bali at the time of the recording.
An early start in martial arts.
His family is originally from Tunisia, where he started with freediving.
Akim hit 100m after 6 months in Dahab!!
Big problems with lung-squeeze in the beginning and what he did about it.
Increasing flexibility was probably the key.
Interesting thoughts on hydration and exhaling before surfacing.
Akim started off with an average breath-hold.
Akim is back to basics now working back up to the depths he used to reach, but with better technique.
Akim founded Blue Immersion freediving school in Thailand.
Why did Akim never show up on the competition scene?
Akim got through some serious chest-related medical problems.
Akim plans to see what he’s capable in the competition scene now.
What shapes does Akim’s training take now?
Akim is now training with Goran Čolak and the results are coming.
What does Akim think about the ethics of spearfishing?
About Akim’s spearfishing course.
His approach to eating and nutrition.
Imparting crucial advice.
His adventures aboard the Seaquest Liveaboard.
Interests outside of freediving: martial arts, reading, drawing, biking.
Akim recommends the books of Amin Maalouf.
Shout out to Akim’s grandfather, cousin, his martial arts teacher, his father, Alexey Molchanov and Goran Čolak.
Why Akim freedives.

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