Miguel Lozano

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Miguel Lozano is a professional freediver who specialises in depth disciplines. He is Vice World Champion in Constant No Fins and Free Immersion and has attempted huge World Records in FIM in the Bahamas in 2012 to -122m, Bali 2016 to -123m and Roatán 2018 to -125m.
In 2016 he performed a 122m FIM dive at the Caribean Cup Competition in Roatán (Honduras), an achievement that today ranks him as the third deepest person in the world in this discipline, just 3 metres short of the current world record of (-125m).
He also holds Spanish Records in Constant Weight to 105m and a massive 83mts in Constant No Fins.

In this episode we discuss:

Miguel grew up on the coast in the Barcelona area.
He is very tall and played basketball when he was younger.
He started training freediving at a club in Barcelona.
Early training under Umberto Pelizzari.
Miguel was lucky to feel secure in the water from the beginning and adapt quite fast.
Has such a large lung capacity given him an advantage and in what ways?
The highlights of Miguel’s career.
Any plans to retire at 40 years old?
Balancing life and training for competition.
A typical week of training for Miguel and his philosophy of training.
Talking about squeezing and only blacking out 3 times in a career.
Losing friends at sea and lessons learned.
How to equalise safely, without hurting oneself.
Very deep passive exhale dives!
Why has Miguel focused on FIM so much?
What drives him to dive so deep?
Pressure documentary by Pepe Arcos
Not such big problems with narcosis.
An anarchist of nutrition.
All about Miguel’s schools and locations.
About Miguel’s deep training camps.
Shout out to Umberto Pelizzari, again!
Miguel really loves cooking!
Miguel’s recommended book is Walden Two by B. F. Skinner

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