Stig Pryds #2

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Stig Pryds is a trained chimney sweep who went into early retirement in 2010 due to a terrible condition known as psoriatic arthritis.

He first appeared on the show on Episode #4 and it was one of the most popular episodes in the history of the show so far. Head over there first to hear the amazing story of his transformation and healing through freediving!

In this episode we catch up with what’s been happening over the last two years.

Image: Daan Verhoeven

In this episode we discuss:

Stig’s experience at Vertical Blue 2018.
How did he train for his new Danish records he achieved at that competition?
Stig’s Redbull documentary.
Highlights of the past two years and not so great moments.
Stig won last years Blue Element!
He would like to go to the World Championships in Nice this year.
How is Stig’s health these days? A continuing battle with psoriatic arthritis
Trouble with the insurance man.
A new sponsorship deal with AUDI.
About Stig’s workshops and his new APP.
What kind of shape is he in now, and what are his plans as an athlete at the moment?
His kids and freediving.
Getting into high-intensity circuit training.
Dominica over Dean’s Blue Hole.
Shout out to Daan Verhoeven
Screw The Box video by Daan Verhoeven.
Who Needs Wingsuits video by Daan Verhoeven.
Shout out to his two kids.
A new recommended book The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck by Mark Manson.
And a shout out to his manager and AUDI for supporting him.
Stig’s plans for the coming year and beyond.

Image: Daan Verhoeven

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