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Kerry Hollowell began diving in 2012 with PFI, Performance Freediving International and immediately fell in love with the sport, becoming both an athlete and an instructor.
Freediving continues to challenge her mental fortitude and pushes her physical limits with the result being that this sport has helped her discover the parts already within herself that have helped her become the kind of human she has always wanted to be. She went on to become captain of team USA in 2014 and has traveled all over the world representing the USA at various freediving competitions.

She continues to aim to dive deeper, however her calling as an emergency room physician keeps her tied to a balancing act between the demands of the medical profession and maintaining the level of training needed for a professional athlete. She has also picked up a camera and is beginning to explore her creative mind underwater as well. She seeks to experience as much as she can of this life, push her limits and explore as much of the world as possible.

In this episode we discuss:

Kerry is at the Xibalba competition in Mexico, diving in fresh water, diving in the dark.
The competition is organised by Alejandro Lemus.
Kerry is from North Carolina.
Kerry did her first freediving course with Evolve Freediving’s Ren and Ashley Chapman.
What is an emergency medical physician?
A nasty car accident alters the course of Kerry’s life.
A new perspective on life.
What happened to Nick Mevoli?(no definite answers)
How the death of Nick has changed her approach to freediving.
Kerry’s own progression as an athlete.
What’s the plan now as far as being an athlete is concerned?
Talking about Stavros Kastrinakis.
Coaching with Aharon Solomons.
Kerry is now working working with Dimitris Koumoulos.
Kerry loves training for freediving….when she has the time.
Kerry is also into climbing, triathlon, shooting and especially sailing.
Kerry’s plans for the future.
Kerry’s recommended books are Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari and The Big Thirst by Charles Fishman
Why does Kerry freedive?

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