Umberto Pelizzari #2

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Umberto Pelizzari is from Italy, he’s held more world-records than you can shake a lanyard at. He was coached by the legendary Jacques Mayol of Le Grand Bleu fame, we’ll hear all about that in today’s episode.


His famous rivalry with Pipin Ferreras is documented in the IMAX movie Ocean Men. He founded the freediving school Apnea Academy, now one of freediving’s major educational organisations and he’s written several books about freediving.
Umberto’s first interview can be heard HERE

In this episode we discuss:

About Umberto’s book Specific Training for Freediving now available in English.
The book will soon be available in a digital version.
How to approach a training progression and how to physically track progress.
The most efficient way to train STA.
Examples of autosuggestion techniques.
How to exit from a STA breathhold.
Training high CO2 and low O2.
What is taravana? Link to rest times and dehydration.
Thoughts on longer, traditional hypercapnic tables vs. more extreme versions.
Umberto’s thoughts on stretching for freediving.
Did Umberto’s lung capacity increase over time?
Anglea Baddini(?) dove to 107m with a lung capacity of 3l!
The importance of listening to your body.
When is the best time to learn mouthfill?
Relaxing of the abdominals could be a big solution.
The value of dry equalisation practice.
What other sports supplement freediving best? High intensity over endurance.
Benefits of swimming pyramids and other training out of the water.
Focusing on feeling over performance.
Mental strategies to approach new depths, have goals.
A question from Patreon supporter Arthur Kudla about the difference in mental aspects between depth diving and spearfishing.
Umberto’s thoughts on exiting the water after a dive/recovery breathing.
Umberto would go back and teach himself about equalisation if he could!
An upcoming project regarding an online course.

Umberto’s Links:


Facebook Page

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