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Harry Chamas is from Liverpool and started freediving in Asia and Australia.

Many of you will be familiar with Harry from his great Youtube channel Freedive Passion.

He is a full-time coach based in the freediving Mecca of Dahab and has a a wealth of experience as a freediving instructor, coach and safety diver and and is a very proficient deep diver himself having achieved two national records for Great Britain in VWT and NLT.

In this episode we discuss:

A first encounter with the ocean.
Harry’s time in the marines.
Off to Australia and becoming a scuba instructor.
First explorations in freediving.
Unassisted kayak expedition from Byron Bay to Sydney
More kayaking and adventuring in the Pacific
Heading to Dahab and meeting Brian Crossland.
Canada, Thailand, Australia & The Philippines!
To Freedivig Club Greece and Stavros Kastrinakis
Harry’s attitude towards competitions.
What did Harry learn from being a safety diver?
The evolution of Harry’s coaching philosophy.
Harry’s Youtube Channel Freedive Passion
Why coaching over courses?
The secret to a slow and safe progress in depth.
Some misconceptions we have in freediving.
What would Harry tell his beginner freediver self?
What services does Harry offer and what does Dahab have to offer?
The future for Harry and an alternative to Dahab in a mysterious location.
Harry recommends the books of Alexander Dumas and Ken Follett, Papillon by Henri Charriere and Elephants on Acid by Alex Boese

Harry’s Links:

Freedive Passion Website

Freedive Passion on Youtube

Facebook Page


Harry’s Email: freedivepassion@gmail.com

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