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It is my pleasure to bring Leigh and Bill Baker, Vertical Blue medics, into The Freedive Café today, to find out about them, to find out what their job entails at the comepetition. How do they deal with diver’s health problems, and how are they prepared for the worst case scenario?
What is a lung squeeze, is it inevitable, and how are divers treated for it?
All these questions and more are answered in this episode of The Freedive Café.

Bill is a paramedic and Leigh is a respiratory therapist and they live on Fox Island in Washington, USA.

In this episode we discuss:

Leigh and Bill’s background story and where they’re located and what they’re doing these days.
Bill is a paramedic working for a fire department on the scenes of accidents.
Leigh is a repiratory therapist working in a hospital.
Leigh and Bill aren’t freedivers themselves!
How did they become the medics for Vertical Blue?
A breakdown of Leigh and Bill’s functions at the competition.
What is their worst case scenario and how are they prepared for it?
What’s the worst thing they’ve seen at VB?
What is a squeeze exactly?
A Patreon question from Adam Stern.
What impact does smoking have on the lungs in relation to freediving?
Thoughts about Nick Mevoli.
A Patreon question from Tim Oehmigen.
How do we keep our lungs healthy?
What do Leigh and Bill like to do in their free time, when they have it?!
Their morning routine.
Bill’s is reading The Guns of August by Barbara W. Tuchman and loves Albert Camus and Hunter S.Thompson
Leigh Recommends Ken Follett.
What are their plans for the future?

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