Anna von Boetticher

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Anna von Boetticher started scuba diving when she was 17 and kept exploring that realm until she was a scuba instructor and deep technical diver, eventually diving to 130m on trimix.
When she signed up for a freediving workshop in 2007 she was just looking for a little extra experience in the water – instead she found a new passion. Just six months later she broke the German depth records and won her first world championship medal.
Since 2015 a new challenge has taking up most of her time as she works closely with the German navy to improve all their diver training and help increase stress resistance and safety underwater.

In this episode we discuss:

Anna’s origins in Bavaria and skiing.
Anna gets her start in freediving in the family pool.
Going deep on scuba.
Comparing space walks and freediving.
How Anna got from scuba to freediving.
A first freediving course by Emma Farrell.
Psychological crossover from deep scuba to deep freediving.
3 National records at her first Triple Depth competition.
Anna only has 70% the lung volume she should have!
Anna’s favourite dicipline is CWT.
Anna’s training progression after long breaks.
Trachea squeezes and lung squeezes.
A bad accident on a 130m dive!
Anna’s favourite dive spots.
Why trail running is forbidden for Anna!
The deal with endurance sports and freediving.
The joy of long runs.
The people who have most influenced Anna’s life.
Anna’s recommended book is Touching the Void by Joe Simpson
Anna’s plans for the future and her fascinating job with the German navy.

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