Thibault Guignés

freediving training secrets

Thibault Guignés is from France and at the time of recording holds the French Record for FIM at 105m. He started freediving three and a half years ago and has been dedicating 100% of his time to freediving since then.
He is an Instructor Trainer for Molchanovs, RAID and SSI and the former owner of Freedive HQ, in Mactan, in the Philippines.
Thibault was part of the French National team for the AIDA World Championships in 2015 and 2017 and won the Triple depth competition in 2015 in Dahab.

In this episode we discuss:

Thibault’s first experience of freediving at Blue Immersion in Thailand.
His strong basis in sport before beginning freediving.
The benefits of daily stretching.
Thibault’s nutrition, or lack thereof.
The secret to Thibault’s fast progression.
Training with Julia Mouce.
Why Thibault recommends NOT packing.
Thibault’s experience at the WC.
Possible negative aspects of the freediving culture.
All about Freedive HQ on Cebu, Mactan, The Philippines.
The RAID freediving system.
The best places to dive in The Philippines and why The Philippines is so awesome.
The possibility of a major annual freediving competition in The Philippines.
Thibault’s favourite gear.
What Thibault likes to do outside of freediving.
Thibault’s recommended books are The Masters of Rome series by Colleen McCullough.

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