Aharon Solomons, Part 2

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This is Part Two! Listen to Part One HERE

Aharon Solomons is a man with a rich and fascinating past, and a freediving career spanning many decades. His accumulated knowledge and wisdom are a great gift to the freediving community and our two part special will take you deep into the thick of it.

Aharon lives in Eilat, Israel. He is an AIDA Instructor Trainer, Apnea Academy Trainer, IAFD Master Instructor Trainer and “Freedivers” Training System Instructor.

In this episode we discuss:

Blackouts and LMC in competition.
The Diveye drone and freediving tactics.
The importance of slow progression and preparation for depth.
Water temperature and the mammalian dive reflex.
Nitric Oxide, free radicals, over-training and the importance of rest and recovery.
Yoga and freediving and a breakdown of Patanjali’s 8 limbs.
Sleep, brain-waves and dreaming.
Ashtanga yoga in Mysore with Pattabhi Jois.
Pranayama with BNS Iyengar.
Anuloma Viloma and metabolism.
The monk who stopped his heart for 13 days.
Human hibernation.
Yoga Nidra and programming the subconscious.
Focus and dispersion.
Packing vs RV diving.
Decompression sickness and Nitrogen Narcosis.
Aharon’s thoughts on nutrition for freediving.
The importance and implications of allergies.
Polyps and post-nasal drip.
Smoking cigarettes.
Monofin style and finswimming.
High altitude training.
HIIT and hypoxic training.
CO2 training.

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