Giorgos Panagiotakis

freediving training secrets

George Panagiotakis is a world champion freediver and national record holder from Greece.

He has achieved a 300m distance in DYN which is the current AIDA World Record! He currently lives in Cyprus and now works as a personal trainer and AIDA freediving instructor.

Throughout his journey in freediving, he has the pleasure of changing the lives and athletic performances of many people around the freediving world through his online coaching services.

In this episode we discuss:

George discovers freediving through a magazine article.
George was a competitive swimmer and fin-swimmer in his younger years.
First course with Stavros Kastrinakis.
He lives in Cyprus and works as a personal trainer and baby’s swimming instructor!
We discuss a typical week of training for George.
The negative effects of intense apnea training on the nervous system.
What it takes to swim 300m in DYN.
About George Georgas and his role in coaching George to the world record.
A failed world record attempt in August 2017 and what he learned from it.
Is it possible at George’s level to effectively train STA and DYN at the same time?
How to best train static and CO2 tolerance.
Benefits of well-structured mobility and resistance training.
Nutrition and dietary routines for freediving.
A question from Kurt Chambers about hematocrit.
The difficulties of finding partners and conditions to train in Cyprus.
George’s favourite depth discipline is CWT.
What really is adaptation to depth?
Is George a spiritual diver?
His morning ritual.
His online and remote coaching services.
George’s plans for the future.
George’s recommended author is Anthony Robbins and he recommends the book Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich

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