Nanja van den Broek

Nanja van den Broek has been freediving since 2001. She currently has 40 Dutch records and 1 world record, in VWT, diving to 130m.

In daily life she is a freedive instructor, business trainer and coach. She uses the water and freediving as tools to make people aware of their limiting beliefs and teaches them how to transform their thoughts to support their life goals.

She is also working together with the Plastic Soup Foundation to make people aware of how to reduce their plastic footprint.


In this episode we discuss:

How Nanja got into freediving in the one of the world’s flattest and shallowest countries.
Discovering depth in a cold dark, Dutch lake.
Nanja gets some decent water for the first time in Dahab.
A rough WC in Nice, 2005, a mistake setting the rope and coming out with 8th place.
A squeeze at 115m during a VWT dive.
Nanja’s static time was around 1:15 when she started!
The water is a mirror that shows you the stress in your body.
Can freediving be like a psychotherapy for some people.
Nanja’s 2015 WR in VWT.
EQ training with Andrea Zuccari.
What NLP is a how it can be applied to freediving.
Enker freediving school in the Netherlands and the logistics of getting to good water to conduct courses.
Recommended NLP related books are Neuro-linguistic Programming for Dummies by Romilla Ready & Kate Burton and The Structure of Magic by Richard Bandler and John Grinder.
More benefits of NLP techniques and the power of belief.
Freediving is a tool Nanja can use to help people.
Your training should be fun!
Nanja may have her sights set on another world record. Plastic Soup Foundation website.
Plastic fibre contamination in 83% of world’s tap water.
Nanja’s recommended book is Homo Delphinus by Jacques Mayol.


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