Adam Stern

freediving training secrets

Adam Stern is an Australian freediver based in…well everywhere.

Adam competes and teaches freediving all over the world. He first started competing in 2011 and since then he has broken 5 Australian records and won a bronze medal in Vertical Blue (2015) and a bronze medal in the AIDA World Championships (2017.) His deepest dive to date was 104m with fins.

Adam is a Molchanovs Instructor Trainer. He trains instructors all over the world, though notably he has trained dozens of instructors, who were not able to afford the typical fees, for free and has programs in place to continue doing so.

In this episode we discuss:

Adam’s experience of the 2017 AIDA World Championships in Honduras.
The joys of stepping on sea urchins.
A surprising bronze medal.
Adam’s disinterest in national records.
Adam will definitely achieve his goal of the CWT world record in September 2021! 🙂
Adam discovers freediving on a backpacking trip around Asia.
Adam wasn’t a talented prospect to begin with!
Pool training in Australia.
The benefits of Crossfit as complementary training for freediving.
A year of training to progress 6 metres.
Adam’s favourite discipline is CWT and he thinks FIM is a ‘nothing’ discipline haha.
His CNF goals are a secret! but his attention may be shifting to CNF in the coming years.
For lots of good training related videos don’t miss Adam’s Youtube channel, Adam Freediver. 
Adam thinks lung stretching is a waste of time (I think…)
The secrets of Alexey Molchanov’s nutrition.
Adam’s views on yoga and ritual in freediving.
Without access to open water or a pool, perhaps apnea walks is the best training option.
The biggest mistake beginners make is focusing on the numbers.
Adam’s experience of DCS.
The problem with the AIDA surface protocol and what could be done to improve it.
Should blackouts disqualify divers from a competition?
Comparison of AIDA & CMAS surface protocols.
The inspiration behind and the purpose of Adam’s Youtube channel.
Adam & Alexey’s Deep Weeks in Bali (contact Adam at if you’re interested!)
Adam’s favourite gear is all Molchanov/Oceaner stuff.
Adam’s morning ritual (Coffee & Poo).
Adam’s favourite authors are Charles Dickens (David Copperfield) and Margaret Atwood (Oryx & Crake).

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