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Alejandro Lemus is the Mexican freediving national champion in all the disciplines in the pool and in depth. Born in Mexico city, he was given the books of Jacques Cousteau by his father as a child and his fascination with the underwater world continues to this day. He is a hydrobiologist and started out his diving life in scuba. However, when he discovered freediving 13 years ago he instantly realised his mission in life. He starts each day thinking of new projects to help grow the sport and the community that he loves. Alejandro has a big dive school in Mexico that teaches and organises trips, trainings and competitions.

There are just a few people on the world that have all the records in each discipline in his own country, Alejandro is one of them. And is also one of the select group of people to dive below 100m in cwt. He also has 2 continental records, a static record with CMAS and a FIM record with AIDA. He is an Instructor Trainer with AIDA, CMAS, PADI and he collaborates with the development of the PADI freediving program.

In this episode we discuss:

Training in the pool in Mexico City.
Alejandro discovers freediving 15 years ago and does his first course with Pipin Ferreras’ organisation.
The difficulties of dynamic apnea.
Alejandro’s favourite disciplines are FIM, CWT and DNF.
His slow progression to -100m.
Freediving in Mexico.
Mexicos famous cenotes (there are more than 3000!)
The benefits of high-altitude training, yoga, pranayama, etc.
Freediving is 75% mental and 25% physical.
The importance and technique of visualisation.
Alejandro has never had any kind of squeeze and the importance of training lung squeezing.
The dangers of pushing too hard for the numbers.
The principle reason for freediving is enjoyment!
Alejandro’s school in Mexico.
Alejandro’s sponsor is Cressi.
His competition gear.
Alejandro’s favourite dive spots are Dean’s Blue Hole, The Red Sea, The Garden of the Queen in Cuba, and best of all, the cenotes.
The challenges faced by the ocean and and the struggle of conservation.
Touching on the ethical problems in spearfishing.
Freediving is a spiritual practice for Alejandro.
He doesn’t have a morning ritual.
He only has a special diet when he is preparing for a competition or other target.
Alejandro’s favourite books are Equalisation for Freediving by Federico Mana and Leviathan by Philip Hoare.
His plans to break a world record.
Separation of fresh and saltwater disciplines in competition.

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