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Tim Oehmigen began freediving in 2012 and has been competing since 2014. After his studies he decided to spend some time on freediving training to see where it could take him. Freediving and especially freediving competition is his passion. For Tim, the feeling during deep dives and long free falls is priceless. The ability to defeat recurrent fears by building the right mindset before a dive is the most challenging thing he has ever done.

He is an AIDA Master Instructor and in the past year has achieved four national records for Germany. He currently holds the German record in CWT, diving to 93m, and in CNF, diving to 67m.

In this episode we discuss:

Uddiyana Bandha and Nauli for contractions.
A day of training in Panglao, Philippines.
Breaking the German national records in CWT and CNF.
Tim’s love for all freediving disciplines (except maybe static!).
Differences between fins and no fins.
Visualisation training.
Tim’s lung squeeze – causes and approach to avoidance.
A bad accident witnessed and the lessons learned.
Freediving safety compared to other sports.
Safety and organisational issues in major competitions.
Why Tim is so passionate about competition.
The biggest mistakes beginners make.
Nose clips, lanyards and Tim’s favourite gear (no fluid goggles please!).
Nutrition for freediving.
The limits of freediving and decompression sickness.
Plastic problems and solutions – The example of Camiguin.
Tim’s morning ritual.
Tim’s plans for the future.
Tim’s crowdfunding campaign to take him to competition in Honduras.
Tim’s recommended book is The Swarm by Frank Schatzing.

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