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Stéphane Tourreau started diving at the age of ten around the waters of Corsica. Over the course of 27 years he has risen to the top of his game as a professional freediving athlete. He has been a member of the French national team since he was 24 and continues to perform at the highest level for his country and as an individual.

Stéphane first appeared on Episode #5 of the podcast.

Stéphane Tourreau Freedive

In this episode we discuss:


Stephane first appeared on episode #5 of the podcast.
Stephane was in Tenerife at time of the interview.
Stephane spent 1.5 years in Dominica.
How did he dive over 100m almost every three days in one year?
What did his training look like, in general, while he spend those 1.5 years in Dominica?
Call back to Episode #137 with Bizo Silva about potential for harm to lungs by breathing pure 02 for recovery.
His experience of getting DCS at Vertical Blue
About Stephane’s rate of progression, and a 4 year lack of progression.
The importance of careful planning and keeping a log.
What are the benefits of passive exhale dives?
52m on full exhale!
Stephane’s experience with squeezing.
Experience with narcosis and adaptation to narcosis.
Mindfulness as a tool for deep diving.
What is the best way to increase hypoxic tolerance?
Thoughts on doping in freediving.
PATREON EXCLUSIVE – Desert Island Questions
Why does he (continue to) freedive?

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