#153 | Kateryna Sadurska | Depth And Strength

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Kateryna Sadurska is a world record holding freediving athlete from Ukraine. Kate joined me at The Little Blue in Dahab to discuss her amazing 2023, how she trained for those huge dives and how her philosophy of freediving is evolving.

She first appeared on Episode #139 of the podcast.

Kateryna Sadurska freediver

In this episode we discuss:


This was the first Freedive Cafe interview filmed at The Little Blue | Freediver’s Oasis in Dahab.
Kate first appeared on Episode #139 of The Freedive Cafe.
A breakdown of Kate’s last year including some incredible World Records in CNF.
Congratulations on Kate’s first 100m dive!
No fins workshops with Stefan Randig.
Donny is older than Stefan. Very important to note!
Kate’s challenges with equalisation and how it’s progressing.
Ukrainian boycott of competitions in protest at Russian athletes being allowed to compete.
Dealing with the stress of Ukraine being under attack.
Donny’s one-man-mission to do away with alarms.
What are the biggest changes Kate has made in her approach to training?
Kate started working with Samo Jeranko for the 2023 season.
Getting into the gym for the first time.
When did Kate know she could do the world record.
How did Kate and Samo periodise the training in preparation for the big competitions?
What kind of strength training was she doing?
How important is strength training for freediving?
Did they use cardio training, too?
Kate’s best advice for no fins diving.
The importance of managing buoyancy in no fins.
How important has nutrition been for Kate?
On plant-based/vegan diets.
Is Kate taking any particular supplements for freediving?
On protein supplementation.
About Kate’s swimwear brand (www.saobrand.com)
Kate’s plans for this year (2024).

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