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Alexey Molchanov is a multi-world record holding and world record breaking freediving athlete and arguably the greatest and most consistent freediving athlete of all time.

He first appeared on Episode #35!

Alexey Molchanov freediver

In this episode we discuss:


This is the 150th episode of The Freedive Cafe!
Alexey was in Cyprus at the time of recording, preparing for the AIDA World Championships.
Alexey’s thoughts on the doping accusations against Vitomir Maricic and Petar Klovar and doping in freediving.
Is it time for new freediving organisations?
Talking about Alexey’s competition and how his training has evolved since we last spoke.
Questions from patreon supporters Jordy and Matthias about Alexey’s base training phase.
Question from Zoe about the benefits of swimming for beginner freedivers.
How does Alexey train his no fins leg lick?
A question from Maurice about recovery protocols.
The benefits of active recovery for Alexey’s body type.
A question from Emile about lung squeeze and how the experience of squeeze has evolved over the years.
The importance of developing mobility of the breathing muscles and thoracic cage.
A question from Bizo Silva (#137) about a special technique to counter contractions.
Hypoxic tolerance and how it evolves over the years.
Is no fins the key to improving hypoxic tolerance???
What is Alexey’s experience with narcosis and does adaptation come over time?
A question from Kris about mental preparation before a dive.
A question from several patrons about what Alexey thinks his mum would think about the way the freediving world has changed in the last few years.
Why does Alexey freedive?

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