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Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Bevin Reynolds is a competitive pool freediver with multiple national and African continental records.

Despite only coming into the sport 18 months before her first AIDA Indoor World Championships this year, she took home 3 medals and the title of Vice-World Champion.

Bevin Reynolds

In this episode we discuss:


Bevin is from the suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa
She had an early affinity and feel for the water.
Started in swimming school at a very young age.
Getting into some bad habits at school.
Bevin did an honours degree in biotechnology, biochemistry and microbiology.
Bevin’s experiences with the tragic loss of a best friend, coming out as gay and eating disorders.
Moving from science into psychology.
She is a swimming teacher to kids.
The physical decline that came from too much desk work, and significant scoliosis.
Living with pain.
Sara Ferguson shout out out, swimming around Easter Island for plastic pollution awareness.
A first pool session and making an impression on Ant Latimer.
Shout out to the Freedive Cafe Podcast.
Allergies and mouth-breathing.
Callback to Episode #54 with Patrick McKeown.
Shout out to Evan Walther, and Dean Chaouche.
Callback to Jordy Duncan’s on Episode #143
Bevin is the first South African on the podcast.
Bevin’s first competition (3.5 months after her first course)
Shout out to Samy Jeranko, Bevin’s coach.
About being nervous to crowdfund for the World Championships.
Did she feel prepared for the World Champioships in Jeju, South Korea?
Mental preparations.
The stories we tell about ourselves, the false identities.
The power of self-affirmation.
How to deepen relaxation.
The power of hypnotherapy.
Has past competitive experience helped her deal with anxiety?
Donny expands on his answer to Why Do You Freedive?
What areas of freediving science interest Bevin most?
Down the rabbit hole of nervous systems and genetics.
Question from Patreon supporter, Matt Stow.
When will Bevin start training depth?
What stage of training is she at now?
A question from Kris, Patreon supporter about advice she would give to her younger self.
What does Bevin do outside of freediving for fun?
DESERT ISLAND QUESTIONS | Patreon Exclusive Section
Bevin and I discuss the recent doping issues in freediving.
Shout outs to Bevin’s partner, the freediving community in Cape Town, Samo Jeranko, crowd-funding contributors.
How to find out more about Bevin.
Why does she freedive?

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