#148 | Shadi Türk | From War to Water

Shadi Türk is a Syrian former fixer and journalist who worked through 10 years of the terrible war in his home country. After reaching his breaking point in this capacity he embarked on a journey of discovery which led him to Kaş, Türkiye, and the new adventure of deep freediving.

Shadi Türk Freediver

In this episode we discuss:


Shadi was born and raised in Syria and moved to Türkiye when he was 18, where he studied architecture.
How Shadi became a fixer and a journalist.
The psychological impact of seeing so much death and destruction.
Shadi was working in Syria for 10 years in his fixing/journalistic capacity.
The emotional toll of this experience.
How did Shadi get out of Syria and into freediving?
Embarking on a journey along the Lycian Way.
How was Shadi’s first experience of freediving?|
His first competition was a World Championships!
What is Shadi’s motivation for continuing freediving? 
Shadi was doing around 80m after only 1 year of training!
How Shadi ended up in the Philippines.
Shadi’s current approach to training for freediving.
Experience with blackouts and squeezes?
Shadi and Donny’s experience of narcosis from ‘shallow’ dives.
Could Shadi imagine taking freediving back to Syria?
PATREON EXCLUSIVE – Desert Island Questions
Shout out to some people!
Why does Shadi freedive?

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Shadi Türk Freediver

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