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Khaled ElGammal is Egypt’s deepest diver and the first to reach the 100m mark. Today we hear about how Khaled left a corporate life working in oil and gas to dedicate himself to training for and teaching freediving.

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Khaled ELGammal freediver

In this episode we discuss:


Khaled was fresh back from Kuwait where he was acting as safety diver for the CMAS Indoor World Championships.
Shout out to co-host Jordy Duncan who is competing for Australia at the AIDA World Championships in Jeju, South Korea.
Khaled is originally from Cairo.
He left s corporate job in oil and gas to focus on freediving full time.
He was a competitive swimmer when he was younger.
AIDA Instructor Trainer and Egyptian National record holder.
Shout outs to David Mellor and Dave McGoo.
Shout out to Harry Chamas.
How was the journey to 100m?
What was the first 100m dive like?
Shout out to Gus Kreivenas and what it’s like to train with him.
What kind of complementary training went into his training? Strength, flexibility?
Shout out to Shaza at Sharkfit gym in Dahab.
Training statics for depth?
Khaled’s experience with barotrauma.
The benefits of instructing/coaching for maintaining a good base level of diving fitness.
What are Khaled’s plans for competition in 2023?
Discussing the Egyptian freediving scene and the future of the sport in the country.
The diving scene in Dahab town.
Why does he freedive?

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Khaled ELGammal freediver

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