#145 | Miguel Lozano | Deep Camp

Miguel Lozano is one of the deepest freedivers in the world. He first appeared on episode #67 of The Freedive Cafe podcast!

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In this episode we discuss:


Miguel and I last spoke in January 2020, recorded an interview and forgot to release it!
About Miguel’s Deep Camp in Dahab.
The structure of the Deep Camp.
What Miguel’s been up to these past 3 years.
Miguel’s thoughts on the current condition of the freediving competition scene.
Advice on equalisation (lack of rhythm and speed is the problem)
Advice on dry training and complementary training for freediving.
Advice for instructors who wish to train .
Advice on periodisation for freediving training through the year.
The evolution of the Freedive Cafe Podcast over time.
On the use of dive computers and alarms in freediving.
Advice on dealing with squeezes and thoughts on passive exhale diving and RV (residual volume diving).
Advice on technicalities of training the different disciplines.
How does Miguel do a 60 metre dive that takes 7 minutes ?!?!
Shout out to Julia Mouce at Apnea Bali!
Will Miguel return to world record attempts?

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