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Jordy Duncan is not only my awesome co-host on the Freediving Journal News Dispatch, but an up and coming elite freediver in her own right. 

Jordy has only been diving for around 2 years but has managed to achieve distances in the pool of more than 200m, which for me is an absolutely mind-blowing achievement!
Perhaps more interesting than Jordy’s rapid rise as a freediving athlete is to see that in the context of where she’s coming from…. Jordy has struggled with an eating disorder for much of her life and her discovery of freediving and applying herself to it has been instrumental in her recovery.

Before we start I would like to mention that today we will be discussing some very difficult topics such as eating disorders and substance abuse and addictions. If you or anyone you know is struggling with these issues please don’t be shy to reach out for help. In the shownotes below we have provided some useful resources to put you in touch with those who can help you. 

In this episode we discuss:


Jordy is originally from Townsville, North Queensland, and is now located in Brisbane.
Shout out to Townsville and Cairns folks!
Shout out to Jack Webb at Freedive Far North Queensland.
Shout out to Ant Judge.
Getting burnt out at a young age from swimming.
Weight gain after quitting swimming.
Start of a party lifestyle and drinking a lot.
The development of Jordy’s bulimia and what bulimia nervosa is as a medical condition.
Crying out for help and not knowing how to ask.
Jordy was offically diagnosed with bulimia nervosa at age 21.
Working ski-seasons on Japan and France.
First time going to hospital for recovery.
Did Jordy know how underweight she had become?
Why is bulimia a taboo subject?
Comparing alcoholism and eating disorders.
Jordy’s discovery of freediving through Tinder!
Black-outs and an underwater black-out.
Starting coaching with Samo Jeranko
Moving in with Amber Bourke!
Jordy is one of the best pool freedivers in the world and only getting better!
How, where and when does Jordy train?
Goal to compete at AIDA Pool World Championships in June.
Let’s help Jordy get to South Korea!
Jordy works for the Queensland state government in human resources.
Jordy’s plans for 2023.
The ongoing struggle of our conditions and addictions.
How does Jordy fuel herself for training now, and deal with food and the complicated issues she has with it?
Shout out to special people.
Why does she freedive?

Jordy’s Links:



For help with Eating Disorders.




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