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Tito Zappalà is an Italian freediver and coach. He worked under the eye of Andrea Zuccari at Freediving World in Sharm el-Sheikh for five years before moving up to Dahab when he currently lives and coaches.

In this episode we discuss:


Tito and Kat’s plans for the winter.
Only 3 people in 7 years who pissed him off!
Tito is from the galaxy and the stars, and … specifically from Sicily, Italy.
Early start in freediving, spearfishing with his father.
Selling the family gold for a Gopro.
Tito’s early work as an underwater photographer.
Starting work with Andrea Zuccari at Freediving World.
Working for Andrea for 5 years.
Why did Tito move up to Dahab.
Shout out to Kat4dive!
Shout out to Gus Kreivenas!
Tito’s style of teaching and coaching in Dahab.
Shout out to Ali of Aqua Maria! The episode before this one!
Tito’s first competition in the Blue Hole in 2021.
Jumping from 80m to 100m in two dives!
Tito’s first 100m dive,
Tito’s World Record attempt in Variable Weight (VWT)
What is Variable Weight?
Shout out to Walid Boudhiaf and his 150m World Record in VWT.
Shout out to Marco Nones!
Shout out to Carlos Diezel of Dahab Freedivers
Shout out to Stavros Kastrinakis of Freediving Club Greece.
Detailed information on the training process for the World Record attempt.
Is another attempt on the books?
Biggest mistakes in freediving safety?
Top tips for freediving equalisation.
Why does he freedive?

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