#139 | Kateryna Sadurska | Fire And Water

Kateryna Sadurska is a multiple record holder and Ukrainian champion. 
She has a background as a synchronised swimmer and even made it to the Olympics in Rio to represent Ukraine in that sport, and later turned her attention to our wonderful sport of freediving where she has rapidly been rising to the elite levels, especially in her pool performances.

In this episode we discuss:


Katerina is from Mykolaiv, Ukraine.
She has a background in synchronised swimming and did that for 17 years.
Going to the Olympics and World Championships to compete.
How Kat discovered freediving through underwater photography.
Comparison of breath-holding skills in freediving and synchronised swimming.
A first freediving competition in Poland.
A first national record of 175m in dynamic monofin!
A first depth course in Odessa, on the Black Sea.
A first depth competition in Bonaire.
Becoming a freediving instructor and working with Nataliia Zharkova.
The most recent World Championships and her results.
Out-break of invasion of Ukraine by Russia.
Working at Freediving World Sharm El Sheikh, school of Andrea Zuccari.
The lead up to Belgrade world championships, and training and lack of training.
At the time of recording Kat’s husband and mother were in Kharkiv, under pressure from the Russian invasion.
Shout out to all the great Ukrainian divers who aren’t able to dive at the moment.
What are her current limitations to going deeper?
Shout out to Amber Bourke!
About No Fins and the possibility of a World Record.
What complementary training does Kat do?
How much help did a synchronised swimming background give her?
Nutrition and the importance of Coca Cola.
Has she had much experience with lung barotrauma?
Crucial advice for aspiring deep divers.
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Kateryna’s swimwear brand: https://saobrand.com
Why does she freedive?

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