#135 | Juani Valdivia | Freediving Medicine

Juani Valdivia, neurosurgeon and competitive freediver joins us again to discuss some important topics related to freediving medicine.

Juani was first on the show on Episode #99

In this episode we discuss:


Balancing life as a neurosurgeon and aspiring deep freediver.
Training options in Florida.
Getting ready for Vertical Blue 2022.
What has Juani been working on recently?
The risk of Decompression Sickness.
The dangers of taking certain medications combined with freediving.
Diuretics, beta blockers, alpha blockers, blood thinners\anti coagulants, etc
One dose to reverse the effects of a certain anti-coagulant cost 22,000$
What is the difference between a beta blocker and an alpha blocker.
Are any OTC medications or supplements of concern. Fish oil, vitamin E.
Do certain preconditions make lung barotrauma more likely?
Difference between immersion pulmonary edema and lung barotrauma and the spectrum between.
Referring to the lung ultrasound study done by Andy Chi.
Shout out to Bizo Silva.
Things to look out for regarding lung barotrauma.
Thoughts on permanent impairment from lung barotrauma.
How much rest to take after lung barotrauma.
Actions to take after lung squeeze.
Warmings about aspirin and ibuprofen.
Differences between DCI (decompression illness) and AGE (arterial gas embolism).
The importance of having insurance in case there is an accident.
Suspicions about doping in the freediving scene.
What are Juani’s plans for the future in this field?

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