#133 | Rami Bladlav | Static Warrior

Rami Bladlav is a top level athlete in Static Apnea competing for Sweden. He is nearing the 10 minute breath-hold mark.
Today we talk about his journey from Iraq, to Mixed Martial Arts, to his passion for long breath-holding performances. 

In this episode we discuss:


Rami is originally from Iraq, but grew up in Iran, then moved to Sweden at age 10/11
Rami started sport with football, then eventually mixed martial arts.
What is it like to be a fighter?
Rami’s fighting history.
Rami has two young daughters.
How did he come to discover freediving?
Rami started off with a 187m DYN!
He now focuses mainly on static apnea.
Are there any similarities between STA and MMA?
Did triathlon help with freediving, STA, lung capacity?
Rami had a 9.5l lung capacity after packing last time he tested.
Why static?!
A question from Freediving Journal co-host Jordy Duncan about drive and motivation?
Some chat about Rami’s training methodology.
Shout out to Erika Shagatay, episode #
Shout out to Valdemar Karlsson
How did Rami injury his breathing muscles with packing?
Shout out to Akim Ladhari.
How many times does he pack and how?
Advice for those wishing to improve their statics.
Rami’s thoughts on hyperventilation.
Thoughts on food and nutrition.
Best supplements for STA.
Rami’s interesting mental strategies for dealing with long statics.
Another question from Jordy about plans after the World Championships.
Rami’s biggest influences.
Why does he freedive?

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