#132 | Guillaume Néry | Time & Relaxation

Guillaume Néry is one of the most iconic figures in the freediving world. A World Champion, world record achiever and a filmmaker who has introduced the underwater world and freediving to millions.

In this episode we discuss:


Guillaume grew up next to the sea in Nice, France.
Does going naked in the bed improve breath hold ability?
Meeting Claude Chapuis, his mentor.
Remembering Loïc Leferme
Pioneers of the freediving world.
How were the big dives performed back in the day?
Guillaume’s current approach to depth progression.
Guillaume’s changing approach to training over the years.
The universal understandings of the elite level freediver.
The full story of Guillaume’s 139m dive and accident in Cyprus in 2015.
Why did Guillaume retire from competition after that incident?
Is Guillaume Nery really back on the freediving competition scene?
A question from Patreon supporter Maria about Guillaume’s pool diving.
Why don’t we like pool training?!
A question from Patreon supporter David about achieving relaxation and CO2 tolerance during filming videos.
How involved in the artistic process is Guillaume when making videos with his former wife Julie Gautier.
Guillaume has recently released a new book: Nature Aquatique, currently only available in French.
Coral Gardeners video and ocean conservation work Guillaume is doing now, and what we can do about the issue of ocean degradation.
Time and relaxation.
Why does he freedive?
Shout outs to Claude Chapuis and Loïc Leferme.

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