#131 | Lily Crespy | Water is the Teacher

Lily Crespy is a former molecular biologist turned freediving coach and instructor. She has represented France several times as an athlete in freediving competitions and is part-owner of the world famous Dahab Freedivers school.

In this episode we discuss:


Lily is from France.
An accidental discovery of freediving, from pharmaceutical company to the ocean.
Apnea Total on Koh Tao and a broken leg with a nice boy.
Shout out to Julia Mouce at Apnea Bali.
Shout out to JP from Freediving Planet and Thibault Guignes at Freedive HQ back in the day.
The story of Stephen Keenan and his tragic passing from Lily’s perspective who was there at the time on 22 July, 2017.
Alessia Zecchini‘s attempted crossing of the arch at Dahab.
How has safety improved at the Blue Hole in Dahab since this accident?
Lily’s own depth journey and taking part in competitions.
Why did Lily decide to move from Dahab back to France?
The therapeutic possibilities of freediving.
EMDR as treatment for PTSD.
How Lily is trying to integrate PTSD treatment with freediving experiences.
Why is it so damn hard to teach freediving in France?
About Enki, Lily’s coaching services: www.enki-coaching.com
Why not go to Corsica?
Thanks to some special people.
Why does Lily freedive?

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