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Today we are joined by Croatian athlete Lidija Lijic.

Lidija is a 5 x world record holder, a World and European champion, a pilot, a climber, a mountaineer, an architect, a motivational speaker  and a Sea Shepherd ambassador. 

The strength of the Croatian athletes in freediving is well known, Lidija is not an exception. We talked about her Jump Blue Days,  running up mountains with a snorkel in your mouth, an incredible project in the Himalayas with Vitomir Maricic, her love of sport climbing and her possible plans for this years Vertical Blue….

In this episode we discuss:


Donny’s first depth competition experience.
New podcast incoming … The Freediving Journal
Course dates for Donny’s Dahab trip.
Lidija is from Split, Croatia.
Starting to train freediving in Italy.
Becoming part of the Croatian national team.
Lidija has been competing for about 15 years.
The super-high level of Croatian freediving athleticism.
Competing back in the Jump Blue days!
Lidija is a glider pilot.
She works as an architect in the boat-building business.
Another of Lidija’s hobbies is serious alpine climbing!
About running up mountains with a snorkel in the mouth.
About a project with Vitomir Maricic, freediving in the Himalayas.
After a pause Lidija is getting back into training for big performances.
Is she also into depth?
What complementary training supports freediving? Sport climbing is a big part of it.
Thoughts about nutrition. Lidija is a vegetarian.
Lidija’s environmental work and work she does with Sea Shepherd.
About Lidija’s work as an architect on super luxury yachts.|
What interests does she have outside of freediving?
Lidija is planning to go to Vertical Blue in 2022.
Options for coaching and workshops with Lidija.
Motivational speeches and lectures.
Why does she freedive?

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