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Stig Severinsen has a degree in biology and a Ph.D. in medicine. He began experimenting with holding his breath as a child at the bottom of his parents’ pool.

Stig has played underwater rugby at an elite level, he’s been a freediving world record holder, he’s broken a few Guinness world records, he was the first to break the 20m breath hold barrier on pure O2 among other feats of human endurance, and now he works on spreading the word about his system Breatheology, a set of tools and techniques derived from 3 specific areas;

  1. The art and science of breath control and yoga
  2. Research on human physiology and neurology
  3. Modern sport exercise training and FLOW psychology.

Photo Credit: Casper Tybjerg

In this episode we discuss:


Stig’s been on Youtube and using the internet for education and spreading his work for a long time.
Stig’s background and how he grew up and got into the underwater world.
The wonderful worlds of underwater hockey and underwater rugby.
Stig’s early friendship with Carlos Coste.
Is Stig still keeping up with the contemporary freediving scene?
Shout out to Johan Thelaus
Reminiscences on the ‘Golden Age’ of freediving.
Shout out to Umberto Pelizzari.
What kind of training methods did Stig and friends discover back in the day?
Attitudes to training these days.
Early experimentation with nutrition.
Stig has achieved many firsts including the first 20 minute breath-hold (pure oxygen assistance).
What is Breatheology?

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Photo Credit: Morten Bjorn Larsen

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