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On today’s show is Jennifer Wendland, Jennifer is a current World Record-holding freediver from Germany and unless anything has changed since we recorded this interview two months ago, currently holds all of the German national records, and has done for quite a long time!

We talk about how she manages to balance training as a top-level athlete while working a regular human job, we compare athletes of other sports and talk about what challenges she faced over the years and how she overcame them.

The preamble to this episode contains a rant by Donny about politics and sport and references the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the country of Taiwan. If you are easily triggered by these topics then please skip to 13:39 to start the interview.

In this episode we discuss:


Jennifer is from Germany.
A bit of a background in competitive swimming, underwater rugby.
Was underwater rugby popular in Germany?
Does underwater rugby help with freediving?
Hypoxia in underwater rugby?
Jennifer had all the German national records at the time of recording!
Shout out to Only One Apnea Centre and Marco Nones.
Trying to link professional life to professional freediving.
Jennifer works for an energy company.
A bad experience in Dahab and the resultant water-fear.
Equalisation has been the main challenge.
Otovents, EQ tools and equalisation exercises.
Shout out to Martin Zajac (Episode #71)
The potential of freedivers who are trained from a very young age.
How does Jennifer structure her training year?
Jennifer’s take on nutrition.
Comparisons with top-level triathletes and the importance of improving the engine in the chest.
Jennifer has never had any problem with her lungs (good flexibility and caution).
Does being a world record holder increase her stress level?
Jennifer enjoys cycling, board games and reading in her free time, but doesn’t have much free time!
The politics of CMAS/ German freediving system, etc.
Shout outs to Andreas Pap, Marco Nones and Martin Zajac

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