#127 | Florian Dagoury | Mr. 10 Minutes

On today’s show we are talking to Mr 10 minutes himself, Florian Dagoury

Florian is  French freediver with more than 10 years experience in the sport and has reached in these last few years, the amazing performance of 10 minute in static apnea, his chosen discipline – a performance that very few in the world have achieved. 

Florian is based in Thailand, from where he joins me today. We’ll hear about his journey as a freediver, his work in Thailand with his school Blue Immersion and how COVID has affected business there. 

We talk about the myocarditis he developed after his COVID vaccinations and how it has affected his athletic, breath-hold performances and we give advice to budding static apneists on how they can best improve their breath-hold times.

In this episode we discuss:


Florian was in Thailand for the recording, where has lived for 10 years.
He started freediving at Blue Immersionm on Koh Tao, and eventually took over from Akim Ladhari.
How are courses happening now during these tough COVID times?
Florian is from France, in the suburbs of Paris.
How did Flo come to focus on Static?
Deep diving in Song Hong Lake, Thailand.
Did Flo have a great static in the beginning, or did he have to train himself up from a more average performance?
He hardly takes any days off from training static!
Did he engage in much sport before he discovered freediving?
Florian has achieved more than 10:30 minutes in static.
The COVID vaccine, myocarditis story.
There is no anti-vaccination message here.
How did a previous bout of COVID affect future freediving performances?
What ‘offcial’ protocol was followed to heal from the myocarditis?What is a typical week of training like for Flo at the moment?
Training almost every day in static?
Experience with over-training.
Florian’s method of pre-dive ‘light’ hyperventilation.
3 best pieces of advice to improve your static and bonus!
Nutrition and the crazy weight loss/fasting involved in the biggest performances.
DESERT ISLAND QUESTIONS plus what Donny thinks of the French and how was it being featured on the world’s biggest podcast?
How to get in touch with Florian.
Shout outs to Branko Petrovich, Aharon Solomons, Eric Fattah and his girlfriend.

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