#121 | Chris McKay

Chris McKay is the founder of Freedive Tulum and was Chief of Safety at the 2021 AIDA World Championships in Cyprus.

In this episode we discuss:


How was Chris’ whole experience of the AIDA WC 2021 in Cyprus?
Did the issue with Taiwan flag negatively affect the athletes?
Chris is from Queensland in Australia.
A start in freediving through spearfishing.
Enjoying depth but not competing.
Comparing freediving to climbing.
Chris came from a safety and rescue training background, working in adventure tourism.
Talking about organising safety at Vertical Blue.
Which competition memories stand out most for Chris.
Remembering Sayuri Kinoshita.
How has the safety situation changed over the years in freediving competitions?
Identifying potential problems with divers and predicting possible negative dives.
Chris’ most challenging experiences during comps.
Is there anything missing from rescue techniques in freediving education?
A Patreon question from Mauricio about ‘bad spots’.
A Patreon question from Kai about rescue techniques.
A Patreon question from Jan about becoming certified as a safety diver.
A Patreon question from Christian about safety divers not taking part in competitions.
Shout out to Linda Paganelli.
A Patreon question from rescue swimmer Dalen about diving alone.
About Chris’ set up in Tulum, Mexico.
How to get in touch with Chris?
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