#120 | Tom Peled |The Power of the Breath

Tom Peled is a breath coach and freediving coach from Tel Aviv, Israel. Join us for this fascinating conversation on the power of the breath, working with trauma, helping athletes to their peak performance and much more.

The Training Talk Questions Are:


Shout out to Madison and Alice Modolo
Tom is from Tel Aviv, Israel
He joined the Navy when he was 18 and eventually became a scuba instructor.
Discussing the diving conditions off the coast of Israel.
Did Tom get involved in the competitive scene?
Meeting up with Aharon Solomons!
The research phase begins…
How Tom’s teaching methodology developed.
How does Tom define breathwork and how is it applied?
Helping victims of trauma with breathwork.
Inspiration from the oxygen advantage method.
How breathwork is integrated into the athlete’s training strategy.
Hypoventilation and reduced breathwork.
When complementary training is and isn’t useful.
Tom’s thoughts on the benefits of running.
What a year of training would look like?
Respiratory health, treating asthma, COPD with breath work.
Tom’s take on respiratory training devices.
Tom’s thoughts on supplementation, what is garbage and what is worth taking? Creatine, beta alanine, citrulline, NAC, ashwagandha.
Mental work, long distance athlete’s mentality.
Talking about the 2 minutes before the dive, the “breathe-up”.
Hyperventilation – is it always bad?
How to get in touch with Tom and get some coaching.
Tom’s plans for the future.
Why does he freedive?

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freediving training secrets

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