#119 - Julia Mouce | Instructing & Coaching

Julia Mouce, Freedive Cafe favourite returns for her fourth appearance!

Julia is the owner of Apnea Bali freediving school on the island of Bali, Indonesia and one for the most highly regarded professional freediving coaches in the world.

Today we focus on the art of instructing freediving, from the beginning level, to coaching athletes at the top of their game.

Julia appeared on EPISODE 28, 52,  and 101

The Training Talk Questions Are:


Discussing the AIDA World Championships in Cyprus.
Advice for instructors:
Don’t talk too much!
Always say something positive.
Don’t get too serious with the students.
Dive with your students.
Don’t discuss theory on the buoy.
The value of putting the students feet first.
Advice for coaching those struggling with EQ.
Tips on coaching duck dives.
Developments in freediving as a sport.
Coaching and its value.
Training smart and training silly.
How negative performances can influence future performances.
Finding the right coach to suit your personality.
Don’t be too proud as a coach.
About the current situation for Apnea Bali and Julia in Bali.
About Julia’s coaching services.
Julia still has a few coaching spaces left!

Julia’s Links:

Apnea Bali



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