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On today’s show we have another amazing girl joining us, you know the girls are really the ones leading the way in terms of exciting freediving these days, and Alice Modolo of France is no exception.
This year at the famous Vertical Blue competition she achieved the first ever 100m dive for a French female athlete in a CMAS competition and topped that off with a CMAS World Record in CWT bifins with a dive to 95m.
Alice has had a long and interesting journey in freediving, at one poiunt giving up the sport for several years to focus on her career, then ultimately giving up her career to focus on the sport. We’ll hear all about the process she has gone through to bring her mind, her breath and her body into alignment with what is necessary to be a world record-making freediving athlete.

In this episode we discuss:


How it’s more complicated to teach freediving in France?
A good performance at the French Championship and great year at Vertical Blue for Alice.
Hats off to Alenka Artnik.
Alice is from France and started freediving when she was 23 years old.
Seasickness and issues with the water.
Taking a 4 year break from freediving to pursue her professional career.
Coming back stronger than ever.
Alice is a dentist, but quit her job to pursue freediving!
The benefits of working with a mental trainer for athletes.
The influence of trauma on your performance as an athlete.
Deep freediving is also facing fears and facing death.
Shout out to one of Alice’s coaches Tom Peled.
Talking about yoga for flexibility.
Strength training is important but softness and relaxation is more important.
The importance of not overtraining and focusing on the specific training needed.
Alice’s approach to food and nutrition.
The impact of working with Federico Mana on her equalisation skills.
A question from Patreon supporter Marc Sodoyer.
A question from Patreon supporter Joshua about her mask/goggle set up?
Shout out to Stavros Kastrinakis at Freediving Club Greece.
Another question from patron Marc!

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